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Custom Designed Multi-Conductor Cables

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Used extensively in the aerospace, commercial marine, naval, mass transportation, automotive, offshore, military ground vehicle, ground support, high performance instrumentation, industrial and commercial markets. Multi-conductor cables are used to provide high performance custom designed solutions for the most demanding applications & environments.

Features & Benefits
• Small size, light weight
• Complete range of components
• Specially formulated jacket materials
• Special shielding (screening) to address EMI / EMC problems
• Custom designed and purpose built
• Prototype facility

Operating Temperature
• -55ºC to 200ºC

Multi-conductor cables are used in widely varying applications and environments. Careful consideration must be given to the selection of components used in the cable, to ensure the right combination of physical, chemical and electrical properties are achieved to meet your specific application requirements. The technologies of polymer blending and subsequent radiation crosslinking has led to the development of a broad range of cables. High-performance component wires and miniature coaxial cables are combined with unique cable jacket materials to meet the requirements of demanding environments. Development of a sophisticated CAD system has provided a rapid response to any design requests, supported by the highest quality manufacturing standards.

Multi Conductor Cable - Design Check List

Design / Construction:
• Conductor type/size
• Number of components
• Insulation material
• Screen type
• Jacket material

E.g. Voltage rating and any other relevant material

Specific Application Requirements:
E.g. Temperature range, fluid / abrasion resistance, flammability/LFH requirements, flexibility etc.

E.g. Project title, quantity, specific lengths, delivery time, relevant specifications etc.

Download the PDF for Custom Designed Multi-Conductor Cables

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