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Interconnection and termination devices offer an inexpensive, single step, easy to use method of producing high quality wire splicing, solder crimp and sealing in one operation, strain relieving and coaxial shield terminations. A large range products are available, providing solutions for industrial applications, through to the high performance demands of the Aerospace and Motorsport markets. Temperature capabilities range from -55ºC to +260ºC

Wire to Wire Splicing
We offer many products for wire to wire splicing: SolderSleeve® splicing devices, Soldergrip®, DuraSeal®, and MiniSeal® crimp splices, which are rugged, reliable and easy to install.
Includes: CWT, B-155, D-1744 series Solder Sleeve | SGRS series closed end device | D-406 series DuraSeal splice | D-436-COLD series cold applied splice | D-436 series MiniSeal crimp splice | D200 series Miniseal Splice 200ordm;C

Sealed Terminals and Disconnects
DuraSeal® devices are simple and quick to install using a crimp tool and a heat source. They accommodate a wide range of wire sizes and are colour coded. SolderGrip® devices utilise a spiral copper coil that grips and compresses the conductors, allowing the pre-fluxed solder ring to flow to the splicing area.
Includes: B-106 and SGRT series

Wire Terminations to Pins, Posts and Tabs
SolderSleeve® terminators offer easy, one step solutions for wire connections to pins, posts, tabs and mass wire terminations.

Braid / Shield Termination
SolderSleeve® shield grounding terminators provide an environmentally sealed, strain relieving, insulated and encapsulated solder connection for a variety of sizes and temperatures.
includes: CWT and S03 series | B-15X and B-155 series | ST18 and ST63 series | S01 and S02 series | S063, S096 and S0175 series | S200, B023 series

Coaxial Cable terminations
Coaxial cable terminators allow reliable, easy terminations in a variety of coaxial cable applications, including printed circuit boards.
Includes: CWT, B-155 terminator two part | B02X, B04X terminator single part | D-181 terminator two part

Cable to Cable Splicing Kits
Wire splicing and shield continuity using MIniSeal wire crimps and solder/fluxed impregnated copper braid encased in a heat-shrinkable insulation sleeve.
Includes: D-150 series mlticonductor | D-150 and B-202 series coaxial

Shielded Connector Contacts
SolderTact® contacts are designed to provide reliable, one-piece solder terminations for circular and rectangular connectors. These controlled soldering contacts help speed installation and reduce installed costs while eliminating the variables associated with hard to handle crimped terminators.
Includes: D600 series to MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTL-28748, MIL-DTL-38999

Databus Components
Brief overview of a full product line of data bus products that offers complete system interconnection hardware for all MIL-STD-1553B multiplexing needs.
Includes: D500 series

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