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SolderSleeve® Discrete Wire Terminators for Pins, Posts or Tabs

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Designed for applications with temperatures up to 150ºC, the products in this section include SolderSleeve discrete wire terminators, which are heat-shrinkable thermoplastic sleeves containing a precisely engineered fluxed solder preform. SolderSleeve terminators are also available on carrier tape, spaced precisely to match connector terminal spacing, enabling the termination of an entire row of wires at any one time.SolderSleeve wire-to-pin, wire-to-post and wire-to tab terminators, like all the products listed here, provide reliability and economical installation for greater productivity.

Used for terminating wires to component terminals, such as motor tabs, connector pins and switch terminals.

Features & Benefits
• Transparent insulation sleeve provides encapsulation, strain relief and insulation with inspectability
• Pre-fluxed solder pre-form provides controlled soldering process
• One-piece design provides easy installation and ow installed cost
• A tape carrier option provides convenience and ease of installation

Specifications / Approvals
• UL and CUL E87681.
• D-5023 and RT-1404

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