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MiniSeal - High Performance, Crimp Splices

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Small, lightweight and low profile MiniSeal crimp splices, substantially reduce wire bundle size and weight.

D-436 MiniSeal Series

Used for wire splicing where size, weight reduction and environmental sealing are critical. MiniSeal crimp splices consist of a plated copper crimp barrel and a sererate sealing sleeve. They can be used on a combination of wires, from 1:1 to 10:10 sealing inserts may be required.

Features & Benefits
• Immersion resistant crimp splices
• Splices are smaller in size and lighter in weight than comparable termination products.
• Transparent heat-shrinkable insulation sleeve provides environmental protection and strain relief.
• Splices provide sealing to unetched wire insulations, including Teflon®

Specifications / Approvals
• SAE-AS-81824/1 for D-436-36/37/38.
• MIL spec M8184/1

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D-200 MiniSeal Series +200ºC

MiniSeal wire-to-wire splicing products are ideal for aerospace and defence applications where performance, reliability or size reduction is essential. Provides immersion resistant in-line splice on 1:1 wires for 26 AWG to 12AWG; nickel-plated conductors.

Features & Benefits
• Immersion-resistant crimp.
• splices, while meeting all requirements of SAE-AS-81824/1 (modified for 200ºC applications).
• Small size and Light weight.
• Provides sealing to unetched wire insulations.
• No need to stagger wire splices.

Specifications / Approvals
• SAE-AS-81824/1 at 200ºC.

Datasheet Download Devices Introduction image

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