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Aerospace Thermotubix® - Thick wall, braided fibreglass sleeving - Federal Mogul®

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Thermotubix® is a thick wall braided fibreglass sleeving coated with a specially compounded, flame retardant silicone rubber. Thermotubix® is easily installed and expands to pass over fittings and couplings.

Aerospace Thermotubix® grade offers an effective protection against sustained high temperatures, flames and molten metal splashes that can seriously damage electrical cables and hydraulic, gas and lubricant supply lines. The construction ensures an excellent fire protection for tubing and cable assemblies up to +1100ºC peak temperature, according to SAE-ASTM specifications.

Thermotubix® provides thermal protection against internal and external hazards, in a variety of industries, including aerospace, naval, iron, steel and off-shore petrochemical and gas platforms.

Features & Benefits
• Fire protection up to +1100ºC (15 min), +800ºC (30 min)
• Flexible to -54ºC
• Resistance to hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils

Operating Temperature
• From -54ºC to +260ºC

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