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66N, 67N, 68N Self-amalgamating Silicone Tapes

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66N and 67N are silicone elastomer tapes that self-amalgamate at ambient temperature. The maximum elongation ranges from 200% up to 500%. Composed of a fibreglass base coated with self-amalgamating silicone elastomer, 68N provides high temperature mechanical protection. After several hours at ambient temperature, the surface of these tapes stick together when pressure is applied.

These tapes are used for sealing, connecting and finishing the cut ends of sleeve exposed to high temperature. These products could also be used to protect local harness parts and connection accessories.

Features & Benefits
• Good fluid resistance
• Easy to install
• Aesthetic solution
• Self-amalgamating
• Local protection

Operating Temperature
• From -60ºC to +250ºC

Specifications / Approvals
• 67N Tape: ABS5334A01B
• 66N Tape: ABS5334A02R
• 68N Tape: ASNA5107-2502

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66N, 67N, 68N Self-amalgamating Silicone Tapes

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