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Overbraiding Selection Guide

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Nomex® Overbraiding Yarn (Type PAA MIL-C-572)
Nomex® is an electrical grade material constructed of a continuous filament, non-melting, aromatic Polyamide Yarn.

Operating Temperature
• From -55ºC to +260ºC

Ordering Information
Standard colours: Natural (Off White), and Green. Additional colours are also available, however specific colour
requirements cannot be guaranteed.

T: Up to 8 parallel ends wound on cardboard tubes.
R: Up to 8 parallel ends wound on plastic ratchet bobbins.
Note: Both T and R Put-up formats are suitable for use on the New England Butt No. 2 Braiding Machines. Each package, tube (T) or ratchet (R) is marked with the material type, denier, number of ends, manufacturer (Gudebrod) and the lot number. Colour variations of dyed Nomex® are considered normal.

Ordering Information
Ordering description: Specify the denier, finish, colour, number of ends, material & bobbin requirements.
Ordering example: 200 B Natural 1x4 Nomex® R.
Note: Polyester overbraiding yarn (MIL-C-572 Type PSTR) is also available.

Approvals Overview
• Airbus NSA 8420
• Boeing BMS-13-54D
• CID A-A52080-4 (Type 1-5)
• Eurofighter J96.502§
• Eurofighter JN 1127-8
• Eurofighter JN 1127-12
• Mcdonnell Douglas ps 17115
• Panavia J96.502
• Panavia 6481
• Raytheon 268-10-11
• Rolls Royce ESW 1900
• Sikorsky SS 7057
• Westland EE 423

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