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SolderSleeve® Shield Terminators

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SolderSleeve® shield grounding terminators provide an environmentally sealed, insulated & encapsulated solder connection for a variety of applications. Reliable, versatile and easy to install, resulting in lower installed costs. SolderSleeve terminators are designed for a wide variety of temperature applications ranging from -65ºC to +200ºC.

Features & Benefits
• Transparent insulation sleeve provides encapsulation, strain relief and insulation with inspectability.
• Pre-fluxed solder pre-form provides controlled soldering process
• One-piece design offers easy installation and lower installed costs
• Optional pre-installed ground leads provide convenience and ease of installation
• Quality control temperature indicators

Specifications / Approvals
• NAS 1747 (SO63 and SO96).
• SAE-AS83519 (MIL-S-83519/1 and /2)

Standard Versions
CWT, B150, B151 and B155 Series

Flow of solder and adhesive can be seen through the clear tube of the termination.

Thermochromic Versions
SO1, SO2, SO3 and SO96 Series

Contain a coloured thermochromic temperature indicator that exhibits a distinct colour change when both braid and conductor have reached wetting temperature.

Bi-alloy Versions
SO63, SO175 and S200 Series

Contain a temperature indicator ring, encircling the solder pre-form that melts to indicate when the wetting temperature is realised.

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