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Tapes & Adhesives Introduction

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We provide a range of high performance adhesives, fillers, coatings, tapes and cloths designed for operation under the harshest environmental conditions. Ideally suited for insulating and bonding to an extensive range of materials, including metals, ceramics, plastics and glass, with the majority offering the advantage of curing at room temperature.

Found across many industries including Aerospace, Automotive, OEM Electronics, Fabrication and Foundries, with an extensive range of applications covering bonding, potting, sealing, casting, moulding and coating. For whatever the application demands, be it sustained high temperature operation, thermal shock stability, corrosion, abrasion and / or chemical resistance while maintaining excellent electrical and mechanical performance characteristics, we have a solution. As split into the three categories below.


EPOXY Thermoset Adhesives - up to 200ºC
Curable two part epoxy adhesives S1005, S1006 and S1009 for solutions up to 200ºC

HOT MELT TAPES Thermoplastic
Hot melt adhesive tapes and sealant tapes that flow when heated and set when cool. Includes S1017, S1030, S1048, S1297, S1255-04 and S1305 for solutions offering broad operating temperature ranges.

Specially formulated general purpose adhesives that will operate up to 150ºC and matches heat resistance properties of DR25 heat shrinkable tubing and -25 moulded parts.

Range of self amalgamating Silicone Elastomer tapes compatable with various specifications including ASTM D2000, MIL-STD-417 and ASNA 5107. Offering operating temperatures up to 260ºC.

High temperature adhesive tape film UL approved E113238, Offers flame resistance and electrical protection, can be used as a wire and cable wrap, as well as for solder masks for circuit boards.

High Temperature EPOXY Adhesives and Fillers - up to 340ºC

Epoxy Adhesives, Fillers and Compunds
Range of epoxy products from Cotronics, offering various electrically or thermally conductive properties, to super flexible, machinable Duralco compounds and Durapot potting compounds.
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Ultra High Temperature CERAMIC Compounds, Adhesives and Materials - up to 3,000ºC

Ceramic Adhesives, Compounds, Fillers and Materials
Range of ceramic based products from Resbond adhesives and fillers, to Durabond adhesives and sealants. Also including Rescor machinable and castable products to Thermeez tapes and blankets.
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Hot Melt Tapes   Datasheet Download

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