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MIL-DTL-22759 High Performance Airframe Wire

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SAE AS22759 wire is a fluoropolymer insulated single conductor wire that is ideal for a wide variety of military aerospace applications. Since AS22759 wire is built to meet military specifications, it is also the premier choice for many commercial applications. SAE AS22759 wire boasts high performance and reliability in severe wind and moisture prone (SWAMP) zones such as engine nacelles as well as areas that require overload stability, low smoke emission and fire resistance, such as aircraft cabins.
SAE AS22759 wire can carry up to 1000 volts, and is capable of operating in extreme temperature ranges from -55C to +260C. IS-Rayfast offers many different configurations of AS22759 wire. Choose copper or high strength copper alloy conductors coated with tin, silver, or nickel. We also provide a wide selection of insulation material options to meet your needs.

Some of the distinctive characteristics offered by AS22759 wire are:
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High reliability
  • High break strength and flex life
  • High abrasion resistance
  • AS22759 wire is available in sizes ranging from 30 to 0000 AWG.

  • Note: This specification was formerly listed under MIL-W-22759
    and is supplied in full compliance with the SAE AS22759 specification.

    M22759/5 to /12 Extruded PTFE
    M22759/13 to /15 Extruded FEP, with PVDF outer
    M22759/16 to /19 Extruded ETFE insulation
    M22759/20 to /31 Extruded PTFE insulation
    M22759/32 to /46 Extruded XL-ETFE insulation
    M22759/80 to /92 Composite taped wires
    M22759/180 to /192 Composite taped wires, smooth/seamless

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