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Shield Termination Overview

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SolderSleeve® shield grounding terminators provide an environmentally sealed, insulated and encapsulated solder connection for a variety of applications.

Designed for a wide variety of temperature applications ranging from +85ºC to +260ºC the products in this section include:
• CWT-38XX SolderSleeve terminators designed for low temperature cables with operating temperatures up to +125ºC & suitable for most commercial environments where a UL rating is desirable.
• B-15X SolderSleeve® terminators, designed & tested for use in low fire hazard environments with operating temperatures up to +125ºC.
• MIL-S-83519 SolderSleeve® terminators which are immersion resistant & available with or without a pre-installed ground lead.
• SO Series SolderSleeve® terminators are immersion resistant and feature a Bi-Alloy temperature indication system.
• ST Series SolderSleeve® terminators combine a strong, flame retarded, soldered connection suitable for most defence & aerospace environments with the option of pre-installed ground leads & a variety of operating temperatures.
• B-023 SolderSleeve® terminators utilise materials that can operate at temperatures up to +260ºC. All SolderSleeve® products are reliable, versatile & easy to install.

Further product information on Shield Terminations is available at: SolderSleeve® Shield Terminators

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