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Range of high performance adhesives, fillers and tapes designed for operation under the harshest conditions.
The products are ideally suited for insulating and bonding to an extensive range of materials, including metals, ceramics, plastics and glass, with the majority offering the ability to cure at room temperature. Found across many industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, OEM Electronics, Fabrication and Foundries, with an extensive range of applications covering bonding, potting, sealing, casting, moulding and coating. For whatever the application demands, be it sustained high temperature operation, thermal shock stability, corrosion, abrasion and/or chemical resistance while maintaining excellent electrical and mechanical performance characteristics, we have a solution.

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Epoxy Adhesives and Putties up to +340ºC
A broad range of products offering targeted solutions
• Both thermally and electrically conductive epoxies.
• Epoxies curable at either room temperature or up to 315ºC
• Machinable epoxies.
• Potting compounds.
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Ceramic Adhesives, Fillers and Coatings up to 2,980ºC
Collection of high temperature ceramics offering a broad selection of properties including.
• Both thermally and electrically conductive epoxies.
• High and low expansion versions.
• Fire proof sealant.
• Fast setting version.
• Choice of metallic or Zirconia filled.
• Aluminium or Stainless Steel putties.
• Potting compounds.
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Castable and Machinable Ceramics up to 2,200ºC
A selection of products in a variety of forms.
• Machinable forms and blocks in various compounds.
• Glass ceramic rigid sheets.
• Castable ceramics.
Download PDF overview guide for Machinable Ceramics Overview

Flexible Ceramics up to 1,820ºC
A collection of tapes and fabrics.
• Woven fibre tape.
• Silca fibre products available in numerous forms.
• Ceramic paper.
• Non-hydroscopic woven tapes, cloth, thread and rope.
• Ceramic fibre blankets.
• Super efficient insulation wrap.
Download PDF overview guide for Flexible Ceramics Overview

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